Why You Need LinkedIn

why you need linkedin

In this day in age, it is essential to have an ACTIVE LinkedIn page for many reasons. Being active on LinkedIn is beneficial because employers use it to find potential candidates, it’s your professional brand, it’s an alternative to a paper resumes, jobs post openings, employers use it as a search optimization tool and many more.

Some people like to keep their social media to themselves and make another page for businesses to use. LinkedIn is that business page you can let job seekers see. However, if you choose to go this route, it is essential to still post on it just as much as you would with a personal page, but always keeping the content business related. In addition to job seekers looking at LinkedIn, you can also apply for jobs through the website, and the resume you have on there will show a potential boss everything they need to see which is why it’s important to be active and have relevant content on the page. There’s also an option when applying for jobs not on LinkedIn where you can apply through your LinkedIn page so again, its crucial to keep your page updated and with this feature it lessens your time of applying for jobs because your page is doing all the work.

Your brand is critical for job seekers; they want to see what’s important to you, why and how have you kept that importance relevant in your work life. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your page related to whatever you do or whatever brand you want to represent. For example, if someone is a market researcher, they would probably post what they did for a company that involves marker researching; by doing this it’s showing job seekers what you do and how it could be relevant to their company. Job seekers want to make sure that even if you aren’t working for them, you’re still representing and branding yourself appropriately.

Job seekers can find potential candidates through search optimization on LinkedIn. Keeping your page related to what you do or want to be hired for is important; it would suck if you’re highly qualified for something but don’t have keywords that match your career in which you are qualified. LinkedIn is kind of like Google for job seekers. If they type in ‘three years experience in graphic design” if you don’t have; design, graphics and/or graphics experience, your page will be lost. Now, someone who isn’t as qualified as you has your dream job just because they used keywords that the employer was searching. Even if you don’t get chosen for the position, the employer can still connect with you which will be good for the future. 

Lastly, LinkedIn is an alternative to a paper resume. Everything is online and your resume should be as well. You can show your LinkedIn page if you don’t have your resume available or even if your job is digital related. Having your resume updated on LinkedIn can help employers save paper and it keeps it simple for them. A lot of people have different styles of resumes, and if you want to keep it simple for an employer, this could be the alternative. LinkedIn pages have everything a standard resume has so you won’t be missing out, and the employer may appreciate having a digital and paper copy.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is essential for any career. LinkedIn is like a “professional” Facebook, it can help job seekers find you, it’s a way you can brand yourself, and it’s an alternative to paper resume. Always keep your LinkedIn relevant and related to you and what you do. You never know what employers are watching.

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Written by Kaii Tilley, Digtital Marketing Specialist for KARMA jack Digital Marketing

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