Why to Review Other People’s Products On Your Website: The Power of Affiliate Marketing.

You may ask, what’s the point of reviewing the products of other people or companies? Don’t you want to spend all your time on marketing your own work? Despite what you may think, reviewing and promoting other companies’ products can really pay off. It’s called Affiliate Marketing. 


What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is very common on the internet. Everyone from Instagram Influencers to bloggers to youtubers uses Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is where you arrange with a creator or producer to promote or review their work in exchange for a portion of the profits. You could promote one company by reviewing all their products or you could promote a variety of different products related to one kind of area, like lawn mowers or sustainable clothing. You can monetize one blog post or engage in frequent marketing and promotion. 


You are now an affiliate and it’s your job to get the product to the consumers. You can market on social media, on your blog or youtube channel, or through any means available to you. The key is that you don’t charge more for the product if they purchase it through you. You’ve already arranged with the producer that you get a percentage of the profit for each customer you bring to the product. This becomes passive income the trickles in steady flow over the years. Each time someone buys a product from that one blog post you make money from the finder’s fee, no extra work required. Depending on how effective that piece of content was, you can have quite the lucrative supplement to your income. You can arrange an Affiliate Marketing relationship directly with the producer or you can use an Affiliate Network. 


An Affiliate Network handles all the details of your partnership and keeps it running smoothly. They deliver the products. They take charge of funds and payment. Affiliate Networks often list what companies and products are available for Affiliate Marketing, so they can be a great help when dipping your toe into the lucrative waters of the Affiliate Marketing world. 


Some popular Affiliate Networks are Amazon Affiliates, Shareasale, Clickbank, GiddyUp, and JVZoo. There are numerous others that you can find easily. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages so do some research and find the one that works for you. Clinkbank has zero unanswered customer complaints since it was founded in 1998 but Amazon is a well known and accessible brand. Get a feel for all of them and see which one will jive best with your brand. 


Find a product that your passionate about and will strengthen your brand and get to promoting it. If you do Affiliate Marketing well it can be extremely lucrative. It may seem complex and intimidating but upon second look it’s actually quite simple. It’s an easy way to make money while building bonds and connections with other brands and companies. Affiliate Marketing is the lifeblood of the Internet Economy so don’t be afraid to break into the market and get your piece of the pie. 

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