Why don’t Facebook Ads work?


Why don't Facebook ads work?

Why don’t Facebook ads work? Well, they do work if you do them the right way. They don’t work if you do them the wrong way. Most businesses have a hard time defining their ideal product or service. So, they will usually try to be someone to everybody and they don’t like narrowing down their niche. But, the great way that Facebook works is if you narrow your niche and find your ideal audience then you can sell way more widgets or get way more people to sign up. A lot of the time it doesn’t work, because you have too broad of a focus. It could be that you are trying to be too much for everybody. Your message is probably watered down and people are just not going to want to gravitate. You are probably using a lot of platitudes and etc. What you want to do is you want to have really good content. You want to have a nicely defined audience. You want to have a strategic plan that you actually stick to.

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