What should I post on social media for my small business?

Wondering what to post on social media for your small business?

What should I post on social media for my small business?

Wondering what to post on social media for your small business? We’re here to help. Social media is one of the best free tools to get attention and sales for your business. Like they always say, content is king. Regularly posting on a schedule is a great reminder for your following to check out your business. If you sell pancakes, a post every morning will remind people what they’re missing out on while they eat breakfast. And it’s not a chore, it’s one of the most fun parts of owning a small business! Here are some ideas to generate content.


Social media is a great way to raise awareness for your products. After all, the goal is to make money, right? Let’s say you have a clothing company. A few easy ways to raise awareness for your products and generate sales is by regularly posting photos and videos of your products! In each post explain what it is and end with a CTA (Call To Action). We want to educate people on your clothing line, but we always want them to know how easy it is to buy the clothes. You can do plain product shots with a white background. You can have your products worn by models or you can get creative and put your shirt on a pet, etc. To get people to notice, you need to stay interesting and not bore them with the same photos over and over again.


A coffee shop is a great example of what to post on social media for your small business. If they sell fancy craft coffee, there is a whole demographic who loves seeing latte art photos. Some accounts literally only post latte art and get a massive following from it. Most coffee shops will hire photographers to come in and take shots of baristas interacting with customers. People love seeing service that generates happiness. People love seeing smiles! How do your workers interact with customers? A moving company with smiling workers changes your expectations. A worker at a physical therapy center helping a customer up pulls on our heartstrings. We want to showcase good service with good photography and make that part of our weekly posts.


People love a behind the scenes look at small businesses. A local bakery makes great products and we love photos of their cupcakes. You know a great addition to those posts? Show the bakers painstakingly putting on the frosting. Show someone mixing the batter by hand. All of this work only adds value to everything you sell. Small businesses already have a built-in following of people who specifically want to support independent companies. Give them what they’re looking for with engaging posts. Reinforce why it’s worth buying from you. Show them how the sausage is made. Social media is a platform to help you constantly raise awareness and tell customers that hard work that goes into every step of your process is worth it for them.


As you develop your brand voice, it’s important to create a culture around it. Lifestyle is a great thing to post on social media for your small business. When we say lifestyle, we don’t mean posting your personal opinions or potentially controversial things. We’re talking about the lifestyle of your brand. If grit is your brand voice, show us! You can tell your brand story by using videos or photos of someone fixing a car, climbing a mountain, or just holding an axe and looking manly. The content you create and put out into the world is an invitation for others to join your lifestyle and brand. If you do it right, you will create our own unique following. 

Support Other Small Businesses

This one is simple. If you are a small business you know how important support is. Make a point to highlight other small businesses in your area or ones you genuinely love. People can feel the human connection and will relate and empathize. There is also a high likelihood of networking from this as well. People will share each other’s posts. Sometimes businesses can create a #FollowFriday campaign and make it a weekly post which connects other great small businesses. Working together can elevate all of your small businesses together.

If you’re asking yourself, what should I post on social media for my small business? Just follow the guideline above and it’s smoothing sailing from here on out.

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