What is a Lookalike Audience?

Lookalike Audience

A lookalike audience is the part of a company’s social media marketing and advertising campaign to reach new consumers who may have a need or interest in a company’s product or service. So how does it work? 

Have you ever wondered how ads appear for items or services you haven’t been looking for but pique your interest on your social media page? You are likely a part of this company’s lookalike audience. 

How a lookalike audience created?

Facebook creates a lookalike audience by an algorithm that pinpoints similar traits in its current customers (Ex Current Instagram Followers) to target new customers for businesses. This algorithm uses characteristics like location and interests of its current followers or customers to decide which people will see a companies ads. 

How does it work?

To best explain what a lookalike audience is and how it works is to look at different marketing and advertising strategy, retargeting. Marketers can use the data retargeting customer successes to help create a better lookalike audience.

Here is an Example: 

Halley has been searching for the perfect rug for her living room but hasn’t found the right one yet. One day she is scrolling through her Facebook Newsfeed, checking in on her friends and family. Suddenly, she sees her dream rug in an advertisement and purchases it. Halley is an ideal customer; the company wants more like her. How does can the company reach out to more customers like her?

Halley’s interests and location, and other purchasers’ information will be analyzed and used to create a lookalike audience. It may sound crazy, but it is essential to gain new customers and produce more results. With so many online social media users, this is the best way to make sure an ad shows up for the right people.


Social media and marketing can be complicated, but it is necessary to capture today’s users’ attention.

Stay tuned for more information on the different aspects of the online marketing world!

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