Utilizing Facebook Live for Business


Are you thinking about going live on Facebook for your business? Do you wonder if you can get the most out of your Facebook live stream? There is no better way to show off your brand’s personality in real-time and in a cost-effective manner. Facebook Live provides a great way to engage your audience, and the best part is that it is free and easy to use! No matter what industry you are in, any company can take advantage of Facebook’s interactive feature. But the question is, how? Keep on reading to learn more about utilizing Facebook Live for business.

Utilizing Facebook Live for Business

Plan Out your Facebook Live stream

Before beginning your Facebook Live stream, you must determine the objectives you want to achieve with your Facebook Live stream. What are the key messages and core brand objectives you are trying to convey? Remember who your audience is and why you’re talking to them. It would be best if you defined what success means. Do you want to educate your audiences, increase engagement, or generate leads? Whatever the case may be, you want to consider the following before going live.

Be Honest and Personable

The best part of creating a Facebook Live stream is that it’s authentic and in the moment. This gives a raw and humanized look at a brand, and that is precisely what audiences are craving in a world of stunning manicured photos and videos. You want to be open and honest, use humor, and try to relax. Try to think of how you can be approachable and create a one-to-one connection with your audience!

Start a Q&A

Try to solicit questions in advance, and welcome them during the broadcast. Some people may pop in from time-to-time, so say hi to them and acknowledge them! You want to be engaging and potentially look at a co-host who can represent the audience and monitor for questions while you present. This can be incredibly helpful as they will be able to voice the questions from viewers in the chat. Don’t leave any questions unanswered. You can always go back and respond to the comment thread if you didn’t have a chance to address questions during the Facebook Live stream.

Announce Contests

Run a quick contest throughout your Facebook Live to keep people engaged. Everyone loves winning a free prize! Try to announce the contest in advance. Something like “one person will win their purchase over this next hour” will push them to buy. 

Feature New Products

Another tip for utilizing Facebook Live for business is feature new products. Are there products the audience may not be familiar with yet? Give them some limelight. You can even talk about what are your favorite things about the product. 

How To Tips & Tricks

Teach the viewers some tips & tricks to using core products. For example, if your company is a cosmetics company, show the audience how to create the best eye look with your fabulous eyeshadow palette or best-selling mascara. This will help give them an idea of what to do with your products.

Due to video consumption trends, it is predicted that Facebook Live will become even more important for social media marketers. Facebook Live provides new opportunities for marketers to engage their audiences in a landscape where live broadcasts are becoming immensely popular. Audiences are demanding digestible and relatable content. So, try to incorporate Facebook Live into your business marketing today! 

Emma Mastel - KARMA Jack Digital Marketing Agency

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