Tips to Optimize your Google My Business Page

Optimize your Google my business page

A Google My Business page is essential to market your business. It is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to set up your business profile. It is a critical step in any SEO strategy to have this set up and fully optimized to drive more people to your business. Want to know how to optimize your Google My Business Page? Here are ten tips for doing just that!

10 Tips to Optimize your Google My Business Page

  1. Check page details: Ensure that your company’s data is correct to ensure the customer has a good experience.
      1. Examples would be company address, phone number, website, store hours.
  2. Use the Appointment link:  This allows customers to schedule a meeting or request information on the spot. Now more than ever, this option needs to be available to the consumer. 
  3. Add Multiple Business Catagories: When you first set up your GMB account, you will select a business type; you will want to pick the description that best matches your business. From there, you can add additional services that will boost SEO and odds of showing up for different google searches. 
      1. For example, if you are a home improvement company, your top category may be General Contractor. You can also add services you offer like Roofing Contractor, Window Repair Contractor, etc. 
  4. Add Services to Catagories: For each Category, you can add a service. To do this, you can either use google suggestions, and you can create custom sub-services to increase SEO.  
      1. An example would be; under the Roofing Contractor category, you would add services like roofing repair, roof installation, roof inspection, etc. Keep in mind there is no limit to the number of services you can add.
  5. Add Descriptions to Services: For each service, you can add a description, take the time to add these to optimize your Google my Business profile, make sure to use SEO building words!
  6. Products/Menu: Be sure to add all menu or products your company offers to your Google my Business page. You can allow customers to select items right from google and to link it straight to your website.  
      1. Hint: A free consultation can be a product! Add it in as a product to give you the chance to add another link to your contact form or page.
  7. Get Customers to write reviews: Encouraging customers to review your business on google creates online credibility and opens up the opportunity for customer engagement. 
  8. Respond to Reviews:  You should be responding to your customer’s reviews. Doing this allows you to engage with customers and increase SEO by using keywords in your responses. 
  9. Upload Media:  Consumers are very visual; make sure images and videos are uploaded and updated regularly. 
      1. Video content is a great way to build SEO. 
  10. Keyword Use:  The key to optimizing your google my business page is increasing SEO. Using keywords or phrases in all of the above areas will increase your SEO. 

These are just ten tips of the iceberg. To fully optimize your Google My Business Account, you should take advantage of all tools, Google My Business offers to ensure your companies success. Stay tuned for more tips for your business!

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