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78% of a consumer's purchase decision is impacted by a company's social media presence.


Are your social media results a little frustrating?


Social media can be the biggest time suck. Right?!

We often hear of companies who have hired “marketing coordinators” that are supposed to save the day with social media. Before they know it, they quickly lose a year in sales, lose a year in salary, and had to spend time managing something no one seems to “get”. Only to find out there were no more sales with social media than when they started.

If your company has experienced something similar, breathe easy, there is a path to tremendous sales growth with social media. You just need a trusted team of experts to help you meet your goals.

Brand Growth. Profit Growth.

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Do you struggle with successful social media marketing?

You’re not alone.

Allow KARMA jack, a social media marketing agency, give you a clear path to success with your social media.

If the answer is no, then the social media needs to be managed in a different way.

Allow KARMA jack, a social media marketing company, help you increase traffic and spend less money per click than Google advertising.

Whether your competitors are, or are not doing a good job with social media, your company should consider investing into the future.

The majority of adult Americans are on social media daily.

You can reach your ideal customer based on interests, behavior, location, shopping habits, and more.

Ask KARMA jack, a social media management and advertising agency, to show you a simple path to obliterate your competition without breaking the bank.

90% of companies give up on social media. Ironically when the vast majority of adult Americans are on social media daily.

The problem is, most companies don’t have a social media strategy and cross their fingers hoping their followers will like their posts.

When done correctly, social media marketing can dramatically increase your company’s brand, increase leads, increase website traffic, and create a loyal following.

Did you know customers review businesses social media platforms before making purchasing decisions?

If your social media marketing agency is not effective and if you are not trying to help your social media community with content that helps, you’ll likely lose customers.

Because the majority of adult Americans are online, you can reach more customers through social media advertising.

The beautiful thing is social media advertising allows you to have pinpoint accuracy with targeting your perfect customers.

There is a better, simpler way to manage your social media marketing.

Join companies like yours who have tripled their revenue and eliminated bad social media marketing that doesn't work.

We'll show you how to grow and stay in budget.


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"I've attached another star because 5 stars aren't enough to convey the excellence of Karma Jack. (1) Knowledge, (2) integrity, (3) patience, (4) responsiveness, (5) dependability. Karma Jack has the five points of every star covered. Having a team like Karma Jack behind me while developing a new business takes the guesswork out of entrepreneurship for me. I have the vision I need because I have the support of the expert backing I need! Thank you Karma Jack!"


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