How Much Does Social Media Impact Purchases? It’s More Than You Think!

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78% of consumers say that a company’s social media posts impact their purchases! 81% say that word of mouth from their friends affected their purchases. (Forbes) If you can combine these two sources, you will have an impeccable reach into the lives of consumers!

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“Social Media Increases Online Purchases”

Content Content Content

It is not about only posting content for content’s sake. Just because a company posts a lot on social media doesn’t mean that it will increase sales or make an impression on potential buyers. If a business wants to be successful online, they will need to understand what their fans and followers value. The posts must be in alignment in your brand image as well as what your customers are looking for with high-value.


It’s About the Story!

  • Get Behind a Purpose

You know that hip shoe company called Toms? People do not buy products. They buy stories. A meaningful story is one of the reasons Toms have become so popular. Are they a good pair of shoes? Yes. What sells them though is that when someone buys a pair, they feel really good about it because a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need. If they didn’t have this fantastic mission and story behind their brand, they would not be where they are today.

  • Who are you Talking to?

It is also important to know that women purchase 85% of all consumer purchases (Forbes). Logically, women are the most important demographic to take into account when coming up with new content and posts. In the end, it is all about putting yourself in the shoes of your consumers by knowing what is important to them and what they want to see from the companies’ they trust with their purchase decision. When you can reach into their hearts, they will tell their friends about it and do the marketing for you! When you can do something exceptional, your fans will create the buzz you need to get more clients. It all starts with getting the best content in front of your existing audience!


What Can I Do About it?

Lots of business leaders are at the top of their game because they are good at business and that is where they focus their attention. They may have hit the ceiling and are looking for a way to get to the next level. The intuitively know that social media is here and is the way of marketing and there is no denying that. It is intimidating, and there is a steep learning curve when competing with the young kids who have grown up with it virtually in their veins. Many do not go into digital marketing because of the intimidation of taking it on, and they are leaving money on the table. That is where KarmaJack comes in. Digital marketing, websites, and content creation is what we do. We understand the virtual space and can become an extension of all the companies who trust us to do their marketing. High-quality work and meaningful-value are two ways in which we help small and medium-sized businesses get to the next level. They dominate their competition. Wouldn’t you want to increase your brand awareness and sell more online? Schedule a free no obligation call today!

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