Social Distancing, Screen-time and Internet Marketing

Social Distancing

Almost 200 million Americans are being urged to stay home and practice social distancing by their local and state governments, with 19 states and counties instituting shelter in place guidance or orders. As people stay home from work, school, and social gatherings amid COVID-19 concerns, they are spending more and more time online. 

According to Nielsen, Americans average just under 12 hours a day of screen time, almost 4 of which are spent on smartphones. In times of crisis, studies have shown screen time to increase by a dramatic 40% – 56%. In fact, There has been a 46% uptick in the number of minutes spent on news sites since the same time last year. 

As people retreat to their homes, they are looking to social media to stay connected. The WHO even changed its terminology from encouraging “social distancing” to promoting “physical distancing.” This symbolizes their effort to help people to avoid loneliness and keep meaningful connections “through the internet and different social media” during the global pandemic. People are turning to online communities to fill the void of church groups, happy hours, and coffee shop meet-ups. Facebook alone has over a billion users in social groups. Live streaming events are also on the rise, with bands and DJs streaming content for their loyal fans to enjoy from the safety of their couches. 

As you practice physical distancing, here are some of our favorite ways to avoid social isolation: 

  1. Schedule Zoom happy hour with your favorite coworkers.
  2. Keep your workout buddy with Facetime and an online fitness class.
  3. Start a google doc with your friends to share suggestions for what shows are binge-worthy and which to pass.
  4. Use Netflix Party to watch shows together, just like the old days.
  5. Be generous. Giving to others in times of need not only serves the recipient, but it heightens the giver’s welfare too.

All this being said, what does that mean for online marketing trends? Now more than ever, companies must create and communicate value. It is imperative to understand the expanding and captive digital consumer base and its dynamic values. In-store traffic and demand continue to fall, replaced with online commerce. Internet marketing that adapts to trends and can hone in on the changing values of consumers will succeed. B2B businesses have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the current environment as all sectors urgently look for an advantage. KARMA jack has seen recent and encouraging success with many of our clients in increased high quality leads at lower cost PPC.

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