2020 SEO Trends that Are Crucial to Your Digital Campaign

2020 SEO Trends

Google is always trying to innovate and fine-tune its algorithms to deliver more accurate and relevant results. Digital marketers, meanwhile, are playing catch-up. But those that are not able to tweak their online marketing campaign to reflect the new changes will ultimately be left behind.

 So what are the 2020 SEO trends that should be crucial to your own online marketing strategy? Here are just a few of them:

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices now, you’re already a few steps late. Google has been giving more priority on websites that have their own mobile versions. Simply put, they rank higher than those websites dedicated to desktops. There’s no excuse now not to migrate to mobile. You can gauge the mobile response through any of the mobile bots available in the market today.

The algorithms used by search engines have become more intelligent. But here’s where the disconnect lies: search engines exist to satisfy user’s needs by delivering the most relevant response to the query. Some SEO campaigns are still geared to satisfying the requirements of search engines. In this regard, Google will reward you in terms of high ranking if you focus on giving the best user experience for visitors of your website.


What are some examples? For instance, a Google survey says that almost half of users hated slow loading websites. Meanwhile, 51% of users are using smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet compared to 47% on laptops and desktops. That should give you a good idea of what areas on your websites that you need to improve.

According to projections, by 2020, voice searches will comprise 50% of online queries. This is hardly surprising considering that over 40 million people in the US now own a smart speaker. Why should these little factoids matter to you? This means that you need to tweak your SEO keywords for voice search. To illustrate, you need to change the keywords to reflect a more conversational approach. If your product is a washing machine, for instance, what type of question a consumer asks a smart speaker when looking for a washing machine? Long-tailed keywords are as necessary as ever.

The search engines’ spiders are scouring the web for brand mentions online. This will be crucial for their ranking signal. The more your brand is mentioned, the more Google will have a better idea of your authority or status on your respective industry. It’s important that search engines will develop a positive impression of your brand. This is why any negative PR should be nipped in the bud at the earliest possible time. Search engines will look at your backlinks, visitor engagement, and how you handle customer complaints.

Finally, don’t forget the content. You probably heard it since the genesis of SEO – content is king. Search engines still put a stock on the quality of your content to establish authority, credibility, and trustworthiness.

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