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Unbeknownst to most people, SEO Advice from Google was just published for SEOs on how to do well with their current algorithm adjustments.

In case you missed it, they had 3,200 changes in one year.

Immense eh! Well, that is Google for you.

Now you have to read up on all the algorithm update if you want your site to remain relevant with Google’s core goal.

What is the SEO Advice from Google?

As usually, they never tell you everything you need know but they did say, ensure your contents are top-notch.

To help you on this, they released a list of question you should ask yourself before posting you next content.

  • Is the content original? Does it contain genuine information, data, a report citing and analysis?
  • Does the content do justice to the topic of choice? It must answer the question to the fullest.
  • Is your content better than the top ranking content on Google? Does it contain information that is not obvious?
  • If the content uses other sources, does it add any additional value to the source or just copy or rewrites it.
  • Does the heading or tagline provide enough information for people to want to read the content?
  • Does the title avoid using exaggeration and shocking terms that people ignore?
  • Is your content worth of been shared or bookmark with a friend? Is it recommendable?
  • Will this content get a spot in a magazine, book or journal publication?

Other questions are

  • Is the content trustworthy or have information that emphasizes on the authority?
  • If the content has citation or source links, will these links be trustworthy enough when a reader clicks on them?
  • Can a reader identify who wrote the content by the reader through it? Is the author knowledgeable or an enthusiast that loves writing?
  • Is the content free from verifiable errors? In order, words avoid fake news and stats.
  • Will you bet your life or money on the content you have written?
  • Presentation and publication Questions
  • Is the content free from grammar errors and easy to read?
  • Is the content well-written or appear hurried and careless?
  • Was the content outsourced to people who know nothing about the topic and the rule of writing?
  • Does the number of ads in the content take away from the beauty of the content?
  • Is your content mobile-friendly or viewed on smaller display devices?

Comparative Questions

  • Does the content more valuable to the reader than others in the search result?
  • Does the content satisfy the burning desire of the visitor and answer all their questions and doubts?

This is some of the SEO Advice from Google. . . Ultimately ensuring your content is of high quality if it is to rank higher on its search engine platform.

Finally, Google wants you to be better at what you do, not the marketer or entrepreneur in you.

Through your content, Google knows how you rank your content by how people interact with it. Do they hit the back button or close the page. So Google is setting the table for online publishers to ensure contents satisfy the user if they are to rank high on Google SEO ratings.

So do an excellent job on your next content before publishing it?

Do you think SEO Advice from Google is good or just okay?

Need SEO Advice from Google for your website?

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