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Are you struggling with finding a PPC agency that cares?

Yes and No. It depends on the quality of service. 

Bad PPC campaigns will produce little to no results. 

Good PPC campaigns will drive traffic to your pages and some of that traffic turns into leads or sales.

Great PPC campaigns will produce highly qualified leads and sales while maximizing every dollar spent.

All PPC campaigns should go to landing pages that are effective and convert traffic into sales. Even the best PPC campaigns can be limited if the landing pages are poorly constructed. 

A PPC agency is a company that specializes in Pay Per Click advertising online. 

When your customers search for products or services, you want your company at the top of the page. Good PPC advertising will help you get there quickly.

A great PPC agency will not only get you top of Google pages, but also help you convert the traffic to the page. They will work to decrease cost per click and maximize keywords that are under-utilized by your competitors. 

Your company should have a well rounded approach to your website traffic. 

SEO is considered a long-game. It can take 9 months before organic traffic gets to your site. And that's if you did the SEO work correctly. 

PPC is nearly instantaneous if landing pages are strong and campaigns are set up correctly. 

We advise our clients to blend the two methods. We also believe driving more traffic to a website will speed up the SEO optimized pages because Google sees the activity of the traffic on the pages and ultimately rewards web pages that convert. 

If we had to choose one, we would pick PPC advertising over SEO because Google updates their algorithms over 3200 times a year. This means any work you did 6 months ago could be negatively affected by an algorithm change today. 

Most business leaders don't know where to begin when thinking about how to integrate Google Ads into their marketing efforts.

Our PPC agency often hears about how frustrating Google Ads management is. We often hear about massive ad spend with little to no results.

In many cases, we take over from other PPC agencies after a few years of poor performance.

Fortunately, there is a way to use Google in your favor. A good PPC agency will set clearly defined goals, advise you on best landing page tactics, and work tirelessly to hit those goals. 

More people are online than ever before. You can maximize on the opportunity if you allow a focused team to manage it for you. (eh hem that's us!)

Are your PPC advertising costs skyrocketing? It's possible the team managing your online advertising is not doing a good job.

KARMA jack, an award-winning online marketing agency, has case study after case study of success. Taking over where  other internet marketing agencies that didn't manage PPC ads correctly.

Fortunately for our clients, we are able to exponentially grow leads while slashing costs. These companies saved thousands while massively growing their business. 

Take the guesswork out of
pay per click management.

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Our PPC agency relentlessly hones in on the perfect customers and create ads that turn into online leads.

Stop throwing away money on bad advertising that
doesn’t work, let us help.

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Mind-Blowing Growth

Our team’s performance based marketing
focuses on getting you more online leads than
ever before. Our goal is to blow your mind.

You've probably
been burned
a few times with bad marketing. . .

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad marketing companies out there. These bad marketing companies have no care or consideration to the success of their services.


The staff in our PPC agency are experts in simplifying online marketing for companies by focusing on what works. Many of our clients see exponential growth we help them slash wasted costs. It's a win-win!


“Joel and his team at Karma Jack have been a game-changer for our business! Laser-focused on delivering results and exceeding expectations, Joel and Karma Jack have been the closest thing to a business partner that I’ve had in working with a marketing agency. . . “


“Karma Jack marketing team has been great to work with. Very customer-service oriented. They have helped our company and our clients tremendously in the past several months. Great growth! Thank you Karma Jack!”

Montessori Kids Universe

“Our lead generation has increased while the cost has decreased.”

Mike Staff Productions

“Karma Jack has gone far and above our expectations. Their team is attentive, responsive, and most importantly dedicated to the success of our marketing objectives.”

GameDay Signs

“They set down with us in the beginning to understand each company’s individual goals and helped us to create a brand and consistent message. The process was finely detailed and expectations were set. We have far surpassed the goals that were set . . .”

Complete Medical Services

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Eliminate PPC confusion.

Eliminate wasted spend. . .

Grow your company.

Join companies like yours who have tripled their revenue and saved thousands by eliminating marketing that doesn’t work.

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You deserve a marketing company that has your best interest in mind.

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