Packing Travel Hacks: The Ultimate Checklist & Tips On What to Pack for Vacation

Travel Hacks

Perhaps you’ve not been informed before, but getting the right items in your luggage, even getting the right luggage itself whenever you’re traveling requires a certain level of skill.

 It’s why people arrive close to tears when it’s time to pack their stuff for vacation. There are so many ‘important’ items flying around you think you must take them all. And you can, really, but when you get to the luggage checkpoint at the airport and you’re asked to do away with half the stuff you’ve brought, apologies, you have no choice.

To avoid this, you need to create a checklist of the most important things you need to pack for vacation. This aggregation of sorts, helps you travel lighter than when you simply congest every item into your bag and also, traveling light comes with a host of benefits: no exuberant baggage fees makes it easier when you’re on a multi-destination trip, etc.

So whether you’re traveling by air or train, these basic tips got you covered:


    1. Get a Reliable Luggage: This is really important in order to preserve all your belongings throughout the trip. It would be ironic, to find your them, after all the packing tips you’ve followed, laying all around the airport checkpoint, or the back of your car, due to wear in your luggage.

    The make or material of your suitcase is very essential in the long run especially if you’re the type of person who travels a lot. Travel could have its negative effect on your luggage so getting durable ones is advised. Not to mention that a good suitcase needs to be tight enough to prevent water from entering into it and offer protection from dirt.

    Moreover, if you’re traveling by air, checking the weight of the suitcase is important as there are weight limits to adhere to at airlines, so a pretty heavy suitcase will affect the number of items you can conveniently get into it before exceeding weight limits.

    1. Pack Flexible, Neutral Outfits: You can be forgiven if you’re one of the people who carefully arrange different outfits alongside different shoes (depending on the occasion, weather, formality, etc) for each day you’re spending overseas and always (always) end up with oversized luggage that is impossible to transport. Honey if wishes were horses they say.

    It would be a utility, however, to pick a template of outfits that are suitable for all instances and weather and thus, allows you to mix it up a little. So instead of a high heeled shoe, you could opt for more all-purpose flat shoes. Similarly, a black trouser can be comfortably paired with different options of shirt or Tees, to suit the occasion.

    Finally, every packed suitcase needs a coat. Since they always take so much space because of how thick they are sometimes, the best way to maneuver this is to put one on as you are traveling – creates room in your suitcase for more items.

    Here is a checklist of neutral clothes that are a MUST for traveling:

    For Women:

    1. Jacket
    2. Scarf
    3. Black, short, dress (every woman should have one)
    4. Tank tops
    5. Black pants.
    6. Flat shoesFor Men:
    7. Blazer/suit
    8. T-Shirt
    9. Black Trousers
    10. Socks
    11. Slides
    12. Pair of Shorts
    13. Sneakers/black shoe
  1. Coordinate your Belongings: ‘It’s not what you pack but how you pack them’ Probably the best way to get in all your important belongings into a suitcase without having to forget a few things is by organizing your stuff.

     This could prove to be a daunting task especially if you have so many activities lined up where you’re going. The need to sort out your clothes and items based on those activities becomes a bit of an issue. Ideally, all your heavy baggage should go first into your suitcase in order to provide balance when its on wheels.

     You can segment your suitcase into layers and compartments and sort out your clothes and equipment inside them. So for example, if you need to take out a Tee shirt, you know where exactly it is inside your luggage.

    The most effective way to organize all your things is by sectioning your activities and putting in items based on that. What to wear during the Day:

    • Blazer or Suit (just one is fine)
    • T-shirts
    • Trousers
    • Jacket (would blend in well with any outfit without looking out of place, so a must have)
    • Pants/ Palazzo trousers (at least two or three) – Skirt – Gown.


    Socks (people tend to forget that socks are important to carry wherever you go). The number of underwear should basically be the same as the number of days you’re willing to spend on vacation, but if it’s a really long time, then enough to go round twice after washing.


    • High heels.
    • Flat shoes
    • Sneakers
    • Slippers (to move around your hotel or house) – Sandals for a more casual outing in the day.


    • Wristwatch
    • Sunglasses (regardless of weather, important) – Scarves – Caps, Hats.
    • Jewelry
  2. Don’t Forget your Toiletries: In the whole frenzy of packing for a holiday, most people forget the most important thing – your toiletries. Since there are so many toilet items you use unconsciously on some days, having a list of the ones you need on your trip is very important. Of course, all of this depends on the duration of your vacation or trip. If you’re going on a twoday holiday with the family or colleagues, there’s probably no need to pack in your hair conditioners and shampoos into your toiletry bag.

    Additionally, your toiletry kit should be airtight and well sealed to keep the items dry at all times. The following are the most essential to be included in your toiletry kit when going on a vacation

    1. Toothbrush
    2. Toothpaste
    3. Hair comb / Hairbrush
    4. Shaving Sticks5. Shaving cream.
    5. Facial Scrub
    6. Lotion
    7. Deodorant / Antiperspirant.
    8. Bath oil.
    9. First aid ointment
  3. A smaller bag for your personal stuff: Separate from your luggage, you need a smaller bag that you could keep closer to you on trips, that contains your more personal items and you might need to be easily accessible. It could range from a lot of things:

    1. Laptop
    2. Headphones
    3. Camera
    4. Novel(s)
    5. Journals, Diary.
    6. Reading glasses, contact lens case.
    7. Laptop, phone chargers (yes, you’re right, this should be number 1)


  4. Check your travel Documents & ID – Walking into an airport without your travel documents and other relevant paperwork would leave you embarrassed and stranded. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about it except that you go back to get them.

    So in order to save you the difficulty of double trips and missed flights, it’s important to always cross-check your travel documents before going on a trip. Check if your insurance/health insurance cards work where you’re going on vacation. 

    It would also do you a world of good to call your credit card company and inform them beforehand about your vacation in order to prevent being stranded. Start with these items:

    1. International passport.
    2. Insurance Cards
    3. Plane or bus or train tickets.
    4. Credit cards
    5. Travel Visas6. Relevant ID card.

After you’re packed and all ready to go, you can go through your checklist of things to carry with you on your trip so as to not forget anything. Likewise, you need to understand your health conditions and its effect on your vacation. If you need to be vaccinated before going to a certain place, then it’s important to get it done. Traveling is fun when you’re healthy so take care of your health. Happy vacations!

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