A PPC Agency that slashes ad spend and boosts high quality leads.


A PPC Agency to Generate High-Quality Leads


Bad PPC campaigns don’t
convert. We’ll fix that
problem for you.


A simple & effective PPC
strategy gets more leads
and saves on spend.


Grow your revenues and
get a high return on your
PPC investment.

You've probably
been burned
a few times with bad marketing. . .

Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad marketing companies out there. These bad marketing companies have no care or consideration to the success of their services. They don't have a care in the world about their responsibility to their clients on spend, performance, or quality of work. They speak in technical terms to confuse and distort reality. . . Their goal is to make money and that's it.

Many of our clients have worked with several marketing agencies before us. We hear how they trusted these agencies with their online marketing and their money. Only to be left with few leads, a website that is broken, and an empty bank account. Online marketing can be expensive, overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. Bad marketing companies make it even worse by talking in circles and draining bank accounts for useless services.


We are experts in simplifying online marketing for companies by focusing on what works. Many of our clients see exponential growth we help them slash wasted costs. It's a win-win!

Want a marketing service that
works hard for you?

Join companies like yours who have tripled their revenue and saved thousands by eliminating marketing that doesn’t work.

Eliminate Confusion.
Wow Your Customers.
Grow Your Company.

Take the guesswork and confusion out of internet marketing.

Advertising Success

We relentlessly hone in on the perfect customers and create ads that turn into online leads.

Stop throwing away money on bad advertising that doesn’t work, let us help.

Mind-Blowing Growth

Our team’s performance based marketing
focuses on getting you more online leads than
ever before. Our goal is to blow your mind.

Our goal is to blow your mind.

More Loyal Customers
with Social Media

Customers will check your social media presence. Our social media management helps gives you street-cred.

Breathe easy. Let us take care of your social media.

Affordable, First-Class
Website Services

Service & quality above all else. That’s our
motto. You’ll get attentive service and top-notch
website work at an affordable price.

You deserve a website company that responds
to your needs.

Do you struggle with
successful internet marketing?

Social Media and Advertising

Social media marketing, management and advertising feel be overwhelming and sometimes daunting. Where do you begin? What social media platforms should you use? Should you advertise? Is it worth it? 

Internet marketing is an incredibly vast topic. With nearly everyone online, your company needs internet marketing. But where do you begin? 

Allow KARMA jack, an internet marketing company, help clear the confusion and give you a SIMPLE plan based on your company goals. 

Business leaders, the best way for your company to beat your competitors is to hire a company specializing in social media marketing. Don't try doing it on your own.

Managing your own social media will cost more and be less effective than allowing experts manage it for you. Good social media marketing companies will have the expertise to quickly initiate campaigns designed to meet your goals. 

Allow KARMA jack to do a competitive analysis and help you determine the best opportunities to expand your brand. 

Are your PPC advertising costs skyrocketing? It's possible the team managing your online advertising is not doing a good job.

KARMA jack, an award-winning online marketing agency, has case study after case study of success. Taking over where  other internet marketing agencies that didn't manage PPC ads correctly.

Fortunately for our clients, we are able to exponentially grow leads while slashing costs. These companies saved thousands while massively growing their business. 

Social media marketing does not need to cost a fortune. You don't need to go hire a kid out of college in hopes they might do a good job with social media. 

You can get experts in social media focusing on business growth for a fraction of the cost of just one employee. 

What's most important is your return on investment (ROI). Get highly profitable business growth without having to worry about breaking the bank. 


With nearly every American on the internet, your company can gain more market share with online marketing. 

We often hear about web developers who talk down to their clients or perhaps don't have the same sense of urgency when something goes wrong. 

Spend some time with the KARMA jack team. We'll explain the web world in an easy to understand way.

More importantly, we have a heightened sense of urgency and we love making a difference for our customers, which gives us loads of positive energy. 

Does your website sit dormant? You're not alone. 

If your website is not producing leads, there is something wrong. You might have bad SEO. You might have a bad message. You might have a poor performing site. 

Let KARMA jack, a business growth focused online marketing agency, do a free analysis and help you determine WHY you're not getting leads from your website. 

Perhaps you have gone a few years without doing anything to your website. 

Where is your web developer? 

Maybe your company built the website with an IT person but it's likely they are not a web developer. Now your site is broken and you don't know what to do. 

Call KARMA jack, a web design and development company. We have expert development knowledge in nearly every code language and platform. If we can't fix your site, we'll help you find someone who can. 

No leads? Only spam mail? Perhaps you're a little embarrassed of your company site. 

Many companies feel their websites are a waste of time. This is a great thing for their competitors! 

If you built a website hoping the floodgate of leads would pour in, you're not alone. A website should accompany a full strategy to grow your business and brand. 

Spend some time with KARMA jack, a website design and development company. Get a simple plan to get your online marketing efforts to where they need to be. 

Quick to
Deliver and
Super Professional

Joe Broderick

Founder of SteelVeteran.org

"After researching & interviewing several web design and digital marketing companies we made the decision to hire Karma Jack. It was the absolute best move we made for the launch of our organization! They guided us through the process and shared a ton of industry insights to ensure our website was strategically positioned. We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback when people visit our site. Karma Jack is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this space, on top of being creative, detail oriented, quick to deliver and super professional."

A Marketing Agency You Can Trust

You want a marketing company that has your best interest in mind.

KARMAjack wins 2019 Clutch Award
Top Advertising & Marketing Agency in Michigan
Certificate of Excellence Award Winner
Google Analytics Certified
Google Ads Search Certified

Websites & social media are the best ways to attract and keep loyal customers.


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Our lead generation has increased while the cost has decreased.


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Karma Jack has done amazing work for me and my business. Karma Jack has been a game changer for my business growth, development and marketing. Innovative, fierce and results driven!


Shain Park Realtors

When you get one shot to make a first impression, you go with the best. We love working with Joel and Karma Jack!


Detroit Bold Coffee Co.

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