International Travel Hacks: The Ultimate Travel Checklist & Guide for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad shouldn’t be missing in anyone’s bucket list. Meeting new people, trying out new delicacies, climbing mountains and rocks, seeing new places and everything else an international trip brings along should be experienced by every individual. The excitement, experience, and adventure it begets is second to very few things in this world.


The goal while traveling internationally is to enjoy every moment and maximize the time for adventure. However, things can easily go south especially when proper planning is not put in place. It could be as mild as forgetting to buy sunscreen or as serious as not having a place to stay in your destination country. So whether it is your first time or umpteenth time, you need adequate planning for that your next international trip.

A travel checklist is a very important tool that helps you cover all bases of planning without leaving anything behind. This ultimate travel checklist and guide is what you need for your next international travel.

Ultimate travel checklist


Your passport: This is the first item for obvious reasons. Even though there may be a few countries to visit that would not require your passport, you have to check to be sure. Make sure your passport is not expiring anytime soon and there are enough numbers of empty pages in it. Most countries require that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months after your due return date. If you have to get a passport as a first-time international traveler or have to renew your old passport, you may need a month or two before your travel date to start applying for a passport.


Your visa: Check with your destination country (ies) if you need a visa and the requirements to get one.

Check for other documents like international driver’s license, travel insurance, etc. that you need for your trip and start processing them if you have to.

Making copies of all documents is also essential so if you lose an important document, you can easily get a replacement if you have photocopies. It is advisable to make colored copies of your personal information page on your passport.


Vaccinations and other health-related items

Vaccination is another important item. You may need to get immunization shots either before traveling or during your inter-country traveling. Some immunizations are administered in successions over a period of time so you have to plan for this before traveling. If you are on any drugs or health assistive device, you may have to check with your doctor before you travel. Pack extras of your drugs and also have a prescription written out by you by your physician. Extra pair of glasses or hearing aids is an important travel item. It is not a fun thing to fall sick or be unable to see well during your international trip, it ruins the adventure.


Pick dates and make reservations

After sorting out all important documents and health matters, you can go ahead and pick a date or possible dates for your travel. Be sure to check for events, holidays, weather and any possible thing that may affect your choice of travel date. If you have a list of activities you want to do or attractions you want to see, now is the best time to check if you’ll be able to do those things at the time you’ll be traveling. After selecting the date for travel, check out hotels, hostels or any other lodge-in arrangement you would prefer during your visit. Take location into consideration and check for reviews before making reservations. It is important to note that flexible reservations are your best bet as circumstances might come unforeseen.


Settle your finance

You do need money for your trip. Set apart adequate funds for your trip. If you have to save up, start now. Speak to your bank and credit card company about your trip, countries you’ll be visiting and if you need another card for an international trip. Find out about the local currency in your destination country and if you can convert directly before you travel. You don’t want to be stranded in another country so fix your finance before you leave.



Your research on the weather will help you pick clothes for your trip. If you’ll be traveling through countries, you might want to pack light. Buy durable, lightweight and wheeled bags, suitcases or backpack. Wheels make carrying bags easier. Your gadgets should be a top priority when packing; your smartphone (preferably with a power bank), a good camera (and spare memory card), headphones, laptop (or your tablets for shorter travels). Don’t forget your eye mask, earplugs, chair pillows, water bottle, over the counter pain medications and anything else that would make you comfortable during your trip. Do not carry expensive pieces of jewelry or a lot of handy cash as that can make you prone to thieves. A small bag that you have on you at all times should contain essential documents and any other thing you might need on the go.


Other Guide tips for traveling abroad

You should have all you need to travel at least a week before your scheduled flight. Rushing to get stuff a few days to your departure would increase chances of you forgetting all you need to get.

Register your flight and lodging details with the Department of State or security agencies. Also, inform family and friends about the details of your trip.


Read and research thoroughly on your destination country (ies). Google search to acquaint yourself to the culture and way of life of residents. Check the laws of the country (ies) and note what is legal or not. It’s never fun to be arrested during your international trip. If you are traveling to a country that the official language is not one you know, learn simple phrases for communication like “Good morning”, “Excuse me”, “Thank you”.

Make provisions for internet service on your devices.


Fun, adventure and an unforgettable experience is what traveling abroad holds in store for you. Make use of this checklist and enjoy your trip.

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