How Web Designers Build Websites

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Do you want to understand Designers method of building websites?

Are there times when you get all dressed up to hang out with your friends or just a night out and you just stun everyone when you walk in the room but by the time the night comes to an end, you haven’t met anyone you could look forward to meeting again?  Of course, you did talk to people and bought drinks and all but none that mattered enough. This is how it feels when you have a business that no one knows about. No matter how good you are at what you do, without the right marketing strategies, no one will know enough to patronize you. This is the reason people build websites. Most times the business owner knows nothing about the websites and so just hires developers to build the website and freelance writers to fill it up with the contents necessary to sell the business. The problem with this is the fact that small business owners who are just starting out definitely do not have the kind of funds for all that but they still have to sell themselves. Even with all the help, sometimes the website still falls short and it may be a function of a lot of things. However, when starting out and you’re in need of a website, these will help you do it right.

Website strategy

Most often than not, when you are looking to build a website, you really do not have in mind what you would want on the website. Yes, you want to sell your business but selling it will mean selling you and your dreams and what you stand for. You would need to figure that out if you have not because if you’re confused, people will get that message from your website.

Target Audience

These are otherwise known as your consumers. When you figure out what values you would want to portray on your site, you need to figure out who your consumers will be in order to know what contents best suit them. So if you’re targeting the younger generation, you should know videos over articles since it’s hard to get them to read.


You would need to move on to figuring out the pages you would want on your site and the contents of those pages. So you would need to have some mapping out whether on paper or on your laptop or in your mind. Just collate all the pages you need and the kinds of contents they should have.


You can now begin to build your site. You have to take care though not to confuse your viewers. So make sure every individual page has one purpose that is clear so they can navigate through your site.

Content & Design

You need to write engaging contents for your site. They should be able to keep viewers on your page and not drive them away. You would also need a website design that is visually appealing to viewers, so much that they can stay more on your page.


Try to ascertain that the systems you have in place on your website are enough to get clients through. You could even try bug testing them to be sure your clients won’t get clogged or redirected to other pages. This is so you don’t spend money on increasing traffic when your system has a hitch.

You could also make use of services like the Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools just to make sure you are on the right track. All these are what you need to consider before you start out with a website. Here’s how to make one.

Web hosting

This is more like paying money or rent for an apartment, only that it’s virtual. You could use a free web host but that has a lot of limitations or you could just pay a token for a web host.

Domain name

This is a Url that helps people to remember your site name. It gives your site valuable branding. So you could register a domain name for better convenience.


Planning your website includes doing all the things that had been previously listed. This includes deciding the type of website you want, the contents that you want to promote and how clients can navigate your site.


This is the actual process of building your website. You should know how to use design basics for your site. You will also need to learn the ropes with hyper text markup language HTML even though there are other ways you could code a page’s html. Learning it will give you more control. Cascading Style Sheets CSS is responsible for the visual appearance of your site. If you learn about it, you can change the appearance to suit a season or a current project. You would also need to use different editors to better assist you in the creation of your website.


This is the process of letting your site out on the web. This would mean getting your site and the pages you have created uploaded to the hosting provider. This could be done directly with tools that come with your web host or with basic software.


Publishing your site just means you exist somewhere on the web. It does not, however, mean anything as no one knows about you. This is why it is pertinent to promote your site to the world. You could promote your site with search engine optimization which is most common or you could use email marketing or paid search or even word of mouth.


Your site will need regular maintenance to function in an optimum condition. You will need to do regular site testing to keep up with all the new updates that search engines come up with. You will also need to update your site regularly with new and engaging contents that are unique enough to bring more traffic.

Building a website like the professional web designers you know about entails all of these and a lot more. Yes, it is a lot of work but that’s a price you have to pay to get better results and clients for your business.

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