How to Get Good Reviews on Google

best way to get more customers from google reviews

Positive reviews on Google are one of the most important things you can do to increase your business. Word of mouth has always been the most effective form of marketing. If someone buys something they really like, they will most likely tell their friends about it. If they buy something they do not like, they will DEFINITELY tell their friends about it.

What is the equivalent of word of mouth marketing online? Customer reviews and testimonials! It is critically important to be getting positive reviews from your customers. In fact, conversions increase 133% when mobile shoppers see positive reviews before buying. (Bazaarvoice)

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Can you imagine having 133% more customers? What would that do for your business because of good reviews on Google?? We know that this has had a life-changing effect for our clients! Having positive reviews increases sales because:

  • Good reviews on Google increases the credibility of your company
  • People trust a product more if they can read what other peoples’ experiences with it have been.
  • Makes your product more relatable
  • If someone can read about how a product has changed someone else’s life, they can better picture how it will change their own life.
  • Your customers are actually selling your product for you!
  • They are doing marketing and sales for you. People trust the third party more when reading about a product or service!

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So how do you get these elusive good reviews on Google?

best way to get more customers from google reviewsAsk.

You are 100% more likely to get a review when you ask for a good review on Google versus not asking. If you are providing excellent value for your customers, they will want to leave you a review and help you out as well. People can be lazy though. It may take much prodding before they finally leave you a review, but when they do it is like gold. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave a review. Send them a direct link to your review page. This eliminates the step of them having to look for it. Make sure you ask nicely for a review and guide them as much as you can to the page and writing a review!

The bottom line is if you are providing excellent value for your customers, then you should not be afraid to ask for a review. People naturally want to help those that help them, they just may need to be reminded on how to help. The more reviews you can get the more credible your business will be, the more sales you will have, and the happier you will be!


Easiest Way to Ask for A Good Review on Google

1) You have to have a Google My Business page account set up before you can request customers to review your page. Click Here for Instructions on How to Setup Your Google My Business Page

2) Find your company PlaceID: Google PlaceID Lookup Tool


3) Add your PlaceID to the following URL:<place_id>

step three how to replace placeid

4) Email or text this link to your customers and ask them for good reviews on google!


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