How To Facebook Live Stream: The Simple Guide To Going Live on Facebook

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Looking for the best way to host a Facebook Live Stream?

We cleared through the clutter to give you a simple guide on how to go live on Facebook using the Facebook Live Stream.

Fun Fact! 78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live. 90% think video quality is the most important aspect of Facebook Live Stream videos.


The Simple Guide to Going Live on Facebook

1. Set up your camera

Test your camera, practice going seeing yourself for a few mock sessions. Click here for details


2.Plan regular sessions (monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly)

facebook live stream calendar



3. Test a live broadcast but only to you before going live.

Did you Know? People LOVE authenticity. If your content is great and you are enthusiastic, the public will forgive slip-ups. Don’t overthink it and switch when you are ready to take the leap!

test facebook live stream




4. Announce your Facebook Live Stream session date a few days in advance

Hype it up! Use Facebook Events to set up a reminder and invite your followers. Send out emails to your fans. Schedule posts leading up to your Facebook Live Stream Event.


5. Plan content with clear purpose/topic

  • Create a hook in the first 10 seconds
    • “5 biggest mistakes. . . “
  • Create an introduction
    • “I’m [your name here], I help people [fill in the blank] and am looking forward to helping you [fill in the blank] today!”
  • Discuss content that will be covered
  • Bullet points of what you will discuss
  • Call to action multiple times throughout
  • Remind people to ask questions for the end


6. Encourage engagement (5-7 calls to comment)

  • Ask people to give the “wow face” or Like or Heart
  • Let me know where you are watching from
  • Let me know in the comment
  • “If you’re watching live or even if you’re watching the rebroadcast, let me know where you are in your wedding planning phase”

Wedding Photography: What Do You Want to Know?

Hey! We're LIVE! We're about to launch a Wedding Photography Education series right here on Facebook Live! What photography topics do you want to learn about? Leave your comments below!Check out what we'll be discussing next week ➡️

Posted by Mike Staff Productions | Wedding DJ, Photography & Videography on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Facebook Live Stream Tip! Remember the more engaged the audience, the better this shows up in other people’s feeds.


7. Ask Questions and allow for questions at the end

  • Mention the names of people who ask the questions


8. Don’t worry if no one is watching.

Make sure you rebroadcast the event when it is done so it shows up on your feed. The re-broadcast will cover everyone. 


9. Give a Call to Action

  • Join me next week, same day same time
  • If you want to learn more about [fill in the blank], check out my website, YouTube. . . 
  • What kind of topics would you want me to cover?

facebook live stream next week call to action

10. Finish

  • Upload a custom thumbnail
  • Change title (if needed), include a link to optimize
  • Boost broadcast with Facebook advertising


The Best Length for a Facebook Live Stream is 18 minutes

  • 1 Min – Intro, Hook
  • 2 Min – What will be covered, credibility
  • 30 sec – call to comment
  • 2 min – Bullet
  • 30 sec call to comment+ remind to ask questions for the end
  • 2 min – bullet
  • 30 sec call to comment+ remind to ask questions for the end
  • 2 min bullet
  • 2 min – Bullet
  • 30 sec call to comment+ remind to ask questions for the end
  • 2 min – bullet
  • 30 sec call to comment + remind to ask questions for the end
  • 2 min bullet
  • 1 Min Call to Action
  • Q&A – go as long as you want. 


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