How Success is Like Popcorn

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How Success is Like Popcorn

The road to success is a long and winding journey with many ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like that it will be impossible to get there and overcome all the obstacles you may be facing. Most people do not reach success because they see this mountain of work in front of them and do not think that it will ever be accomplished. This is due to a limiting belief system and succumbing to the feeling of being overwhelmed. This is where I came up with the idea that achieving success should be compared to the process of making popcorn.




If you took physics in high school or college, then you may remember that this is the equation for momentum. Momentum equals Mass X Velocity. (I still don’t know why Momentum is represented by the letter P) This means that the more an object weighs and the faster it is moving, the more momentum you must keep you moving forward. It doesn’t take a lot to create momentum. It can come small wins. This is where the idea of popcorn comes into play.


Pop Pop Pop!

When making popcorn, it takes a while before the kernels start to pop. This is because they need to heat up to the point where the shell can no longer contain all the goodness inside, and it busts out into a fluffy piece of popcorn. This is like achieving anything. There is a lot of work that needs to go into a task before breaking through and achieving something. Then you are left with one piece of popcorn. Do not worry though, because all your hard work that was put into heating this one kernel has also been heating all the other kernels. Once this one-piece pops then there is another one, then another, and another.


Keep Going!

Your hard work is producing more results, and the momentum you have created is carrying you forward.  Notice that it is not an avalanche of success all at once. It is one piece then shortly after, there is another and after a little bit longer another. It is one small win after another, and they are building up. They keep on stacking on each other until you hit the tipping point, thank you, Malcom Gladwell, for this term, and they all start popping at once! If you just keep moving forward after that first pop another will come, and after moving forward more, they all start to pop, and you finally reach success or a full bag of popcorn. (hopefully not burnt)



So now you might be asking yourself “What’s In It For Me?” How can you use this article to help catapult you forward? Here are a couple of key points to think about when you are grinding it out and feel like you will never be where you want to be:

  • Trust that the work you do in the beginning will pay off
  • Look for ways to get small wins to gain momentum
  • Celebrate when you have a small win and start looking for the next one
  • When you find a system that works, double down on it
  • Prepare yourself for all the good things that will start to happen to you!



Now that you understand how achieving success is like making a bag of popcorn it’s time to take action! Reading this will do no good for you unless you use the process laid out and start taking consistent action. Put the work in up front and trust that success will come from it. Build momentum by compounding small wins. Do not get scared once you start to achieve many successes all at once, continue to go forward to hit your goals!


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