How Often Should I Be Running my Facebook Ads?


How often should I be running my Facebook ads?

How often should I be running my Facebook ads? In most cases, you want to run your Facebook ads all the time. At this point, Facebook has all sorts of really great algorithms. Because of these algorithms, Facebook will figure out the best time to run those ads. You can also do things like cost capping so you’re only paying a certain amount per lead or per purchase of a product. It is preferred that you do run your ads year-round. Unless you’re a seasonal business. Even if you’re a seasonal business, you could dial down your spend but you definitely make sure that you’re still connecting with your audience. For instance, if you’re a snow removal company then you still might want to target business owners in the summertime because they might be planning for snow removal for the winter. It just depends on your audience, your business, and so on.

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