How Much is Facebook Marketing?


How much is Facebook marketing?

How much is Facebook marketing? It can as cheap or as expensive as you want to reach your goals for your business! If you want to do organic posts and post on your Facebook feed, then that’s great! That’s basically free unless you want to hire somebody to make the content. The problem with that is, only one or two percent of the people who follow your page are ever going to see what you post. So, what’s the point? Well, you do need to have social proof. Potential customers or clients are looking at your Google reviews. They’re looking at your website and they go to your social feed. You want to make sure that you are posting content on your Facebook feed and that could still be free marketing. However, if you want to spend money and you’re looking to acquire new customers then Facebook advertising is a great way to go about it. Usually, you can get a new customer for anywhere from 4 dollars to 150 dollars depending on the product, service, or anything related to that.

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