How Do Facebook Ads Work?


How do Facebook ads work?

How do Facebook ads work? First of all, you’ve got published posts and unpublished posts. A published post is going to be something that you see on your Facebook feed. You can actually use that post now to advertise with the Facebook business manager but those published posts are not really advertisements. Those are just organic content, Only one to two percent of your audience, people who like your page, are even gonna see that. A lot of times companies will get frustrated because they say, “Hey, you know I’m posting all this stuff. How come no one likes it?”  That’s because of the algorithms that go on behind the scenes. 

However, if you’re going to advertise to someone then you can advertise to someone based on their age, gender, behavior, and interests. The really cool thing about Facebook ads as a business owner is that you can actually figure out who your ideal target market is per product or per service. You can serve up ads to those very specific people. We like to call it hyper-targeting. It’s about how do you get in front of that ideal audience with the ideal product. When you can do that your cost to get that customer is so low and your return on investment is so high that it’s nearly impossible for you to not continue to do Facebook advertising moving forward. 

How do I get a massive return on investment?

We have some clients they get a three or four-time return on ad spends so you’ll see statistics like 300% or 400% return on investment. It just depends on the product offering, the high-quality content that they have, videos, and so on. Then, of course, the price point can definitely make a difference too. If you have a 200 dollar item and you can acquire a new customer for twenty dollars that is a ten-time return on your ad spend. That’s great! If most companies knew that they could get a five-time return on their ad spend to acquire a brand new customer. As well as, everything else that goes on after that one person has signed up to join your service or buy one of your products. Then it’s just a no-brainer for you not to do Facebook ads. 

The problem is a lot of people experience bad marketing companies or bad marketing with someone that works for your office and they don’t really know what they’re doing.  So, what you have got to do if you want to be smart and of course you do have to have the right type of product to make sure it fits within something that’s going to work within your Facebook audience. How much is your customer worth? How much are you willing to pay to get that customer? Can you target those ideal customers in your neighborhood, in your state, in the country, or worldwide?  Facebook ads work effectively for plenty of businesses. Try to consider it! 

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