Five Tips for Marketing your Small Business on Social Media

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There is a lot of content online nowadays. It’s hard to make your small business stand out in the sea of information and images that bombards your customers and clients on social media. Never fear though! Karma Jack has some helpful tips for Marketing your Small Business on Social Media.


  1. Use Images and Video. 

 People are attracted to colorful and interesting pictures and videos. They draw the eye and encourage users to read more. There is a lot of content on social media so an interesting picture or engaging video makes your potential client or customers more likely to stop, take a second look, and learn more about your company. 


  1. Don’t Over-Market

You don’t want to over-saturate and overwhelm your followers with constant posts and marketing. If you over-do it, your content will start to feel like spam and your followers will ignore it. Think consistency and quality over quantity. Create a calendar of content when you can plan your posts ahead of time. That way you keep your posts regular instead of briefs moments of spamming out posts and then long lulls. 


  1. It’s Not Just Advertising

 Social Media posts aren’t just adds to show off your business. Sometimes your posts can and should be promotions but balance those posts out with a variety of interesting content that does something for your followers. It could provide informative and relevant information. It could simply be entertaining and make them laugh. Or it could showcase some of the wonderful, talented employees at your business, making your business seem more personal and building the connection between your company and your followers. 


  1. Take Advantage of Your Size

If you’re a small local business, you are part of what makes your community unique and special. Use your platform to highlight how you contribute and support your community. Show how you connect with other local businesses and promote local events in your area. Perhaps there’s something about your business that makes you more adept at serving your community than a larger corporation. Tell your story and illustrate how your local area helps inspire and fuel your passion. You are part of your community’s flavor. Market that on your social media!


  1. Tell Stories

An advantage of small businesses is that you have more one-on-one interaction with your clients and customers. These interactions create wonderful stories that you can share with your social media followers. Social media is all about stories, from long facebook posts to short tweets, each piece of content shares a story with your viewers. These stories engage them and keep them interested in your business and what you do. Take advantage of your size to tell detailed stories about the relationships that you build with your customers. That’s the kind of content followers not only read but remember. 


Social media promotion can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. I hope these five simple tips will help you to up your social media marketing game for your small business!

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