What is a Facebook unpublished post?

Facebook unpublished post

What is a Facebook unpublished post?

Do you see ads on your Facebook and Instagram feed for companies you don’t follow? Have you ever wondered how Facebook knows what kinds of ads resonate with you most? 

I’m sure the answer is yes. If so, you may have heard of an “unpublished post” on Facebook, but don’t know exactly what it is. Basically, it’s a paid ad. Facebook unpublished posts are created in Facebook Ads Manager. You select your desired audience and how much you want to spend to reach them and it doesn’t show up on your Facebook page newsfeed like an organic post, or even a boosted post. You are able to push that post out to different audiences using Facebook Ads manager, reaching ideal audiences rather than just your page followers. You can even retarget people who visited your website with a Facebook unpublished post. This is different than boosting a post, which allows Facebook users to pay to increase the visibility of a normal post on their timeline. Learn why boosted posts are rarely a good idea here

Why would you want to use Facebook unpublished posts? 

  • Target ideal audiences – Rather than relying on people who follow your page, or generic targeting offered by boosted posts, unpublished posts utilize the more sophisticated audience building of Facebook Ads Manager. 
  • A/B Testing – With unpublished posts, you can create multiple variations of similar content and test out which ones are more attractive to your audience, or which audience is more receptive to your message. 
  • Spare your loyal followers from advertising targeted at new audiences. By saving your followers from tons of ads and promotional posts, you are delivering the content that they want while also going after new people. Most followers do not respond well to a barrage of ads. 
  • Trackability – the analytics and data that Facebook Ads Manager provides on your unpublished posts are invaluable. Leverage the insights, not just the impressions, likes, and clicks to gain a better understanding of your customers and the market. 

Unpublished posts are labeled as sponsored and can be viewed on a company’s Facebook page by visiting their ads library

Unpublished posts and effective social media advertising, in general, is a great way to increase sales, conversions, or leads, building a loyal following, and increasing profits. Learn more about hyper-targeted, growth-focused digital marketing from the experts at KARMA jack.

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