Digital Marketing Case Study:

Digital Marketing Case Study

Digital Marketing Case Study

In the digital marketing world we witness a lot of mistakes. We also see a lot of great businesses doing what’s right on paper, but not seeing the results. It’s time your business sees a return on ad spend. It’s time you see growth and not just try to stay afloat. And that’s where KARMA jack excels. We are able to dive in, objectively look at your problem and customize the perfect solution for your needs. In this week’s KARMA jack Case Study we’re looking at

PROBLEMS was seeing poor performing Affiliate Marketing. But it also had poor performing Social Media. Its online sales were decreasing and a low return on investment with Google Ads. In a nutshell they were facing the problems most businesses face. The way things are going is not working. As a result they were ready for a positive change to secure the future of their business. 


After we discussed solutions internally, we proposed the KARMA jack way to fix this problem. First we decided on Google Ads consulting, Affiliate Marketing consulting and digital marketing consulting. Our consultations are powerful because we use real data without taking blind swings. Also sometimes our clients need a tweak and not a complete overhaul. Then the move was to invest heavily in Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing


Our digital marketing case study would be nothing with a goal we needed to hit. In this example, we simply wanted to improve online sales. Also reduce the wasted costs of the past.


KARMA jack won again. As a result we saved over $500,000 in wasted online marketing costs. We got them 9x-17x Return on Ad Spend for Facebook and Instagram Ads. 300% improvement on Google Ads return on investment. And finally 100% improvement in affiliate marketing.

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