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Are you wondering about how social media advertising can grow your business? Do you know that you should be running social media ads but just do not know where to start? Many of our clients have ‘boosted’ posts which is what they thought social media advertising was. In reality, this is the lowest form of advertising and even though you can do it cheaply and easily, it often does not result in conversions which makes it a big waste of money. Without a conversion focus, you are just spinning your marketing wheels.

Now if your business is a cash flow machine and you have more money than you know what to do with, then maybe you do not care about getting results. If you are a small business, then chances are that every dollar counts and if you spend money on advertising you need to see results. In this article we will explain some of the different terms and misconceptions around social media advertising and why having a conversion based approach is necessary.

Boosting a Post Versus a Facebook Ad

Facebook wants you to spend money on their platform. This is why they have made it so easy to ‘advertise’ on their platform by boosting a post. All that is needed is to click a button, put in your credit card and boom you are ‘advertising’. This often does not produce any more sales for you, but it does give your brand more exposure. The ads that we run for our clients at KARMA jack all go through Facebook Ads Manager where we have a lot more control over who sees the ad and how they see it.

Our ads are primarily based on the specific goals of our clients. Often this revolves around making an immediate sale or getting leads for our clients to follow-up with. Our method for this is a combination of hyper-targeted audience building as well as conversion focused advertising. This is how we get real results for our clients and how we can turn $1 of our clients into $4, $7, even up to $10 plus! Wouldn’t you want to invest more money into advertising if you had those types of results? Of course, you would! You can check out this link for a more in-depth look at Boosted Posts versus Facebook Ads!

Instant Results?

As a society, we have become accustomed to getting things right away. When you need an answer to a question, Google it. When you do not feel like making dinner, do carryout or pop a meal in the microwave. A lot of business owners have this same mindset when it comes to marketing.

 “I have this great product, but why isn’t anyone buying it?”

Every time we launch an ad set on Facebook and Instagram; it goes through a learning phase. This learning phase lasts until 50 optimized events have taken place. For our conversion focus, these could be form fills, page likes, or sales. During this time Facebook’s algorithm is learning the best way to position the ads to the targeted audience. This does take time and we tell our clients to wait to start seeing good results for two weeks. During that time, we will be monitoring the different ad combinations to see what is performing and what is not to generate the most effective ads for our clients. Two things are happening. The first is that Facebook’s algorithm is learning how to get the ads in front of the people, and we are analyzing the data to create different ads and see how we can make them perform better.

We have seen fantastic results in as little as a week, but typically we tell our clients that it can take three months before we find the exact combination, but when we do the conversions really start coming in. While results are not instant, we work on our clients’ ads like their business is our business until we get the secret sauce right for them. Even once we have a winning ad set, we start to stack other ads or offers on top of it to create more revenue and opportunities for our clients. Check out this link for the awesome successes we have had for our clients!

Facebook Pixel

What is a Pixel? Facebook Pixel is a set of Code that we implement on all our client’s websites to track the actions people are taking on your website after clicking through an ad. We use the pixel to make sure your ads are shown to the right people. It learns your audience in relation to your product which helps us build the right form of advertising for that person. Imagine being able to get in front of thousands of your ideal customers in the way they want to see you. The pixel allows us to do that and to be able to make tweaks in our ads or the landing pages we use to create better results. In our industry if a landing page converts at 2-4% that is good. For us we keep tweaking until we get 8-12% conversions and we do not stop there. That is a huge difference in revenue for you. We do not want to just drive a lot of people to your site or product, we want them to be a conversion and generate more revenue for you.

Machine Learning and Audience Building

As with most traditional marketing, you are just trying to get in front of the most eyes as possible and build brand awareness. With targeted advertising it is like getting with an entire group of people where you sit down with every single person and get to know them. You know their interests, job title, what their buying habits are like, whether they have kids or not, and much more. This creates more conversions because instead of getting in front of anybody, you are connecting with the people who are the most likely to buy from you. Our hyper-targeted audience building leads to higher conversion rates for our clients. One of the most effective types of audience building is called a look-alike audience. If you have at least a thousand of your customers emails, you can build a look alike audience where the Facebook ads will target people who most resemble your current clients. I am sure you can see how that would help you grow your business!

We covered a lot in this article, and it can definitely seem overwhelming! We have also created an e-book for you to learn more in-depth the strategies we use, including conversion focused marketing, to help businesses grow online with more results and less hassle. Click here to download the e-book for yourself or give us a call or email to see if we would be the right fit to help you grow your business online!

-Aaron Helander KARMA jack Digital Marketing

Conversion Based Marketing

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