Business Travel Hacks: If you work with a company that makes a lot of business trips, you probably

Business Travel Hacks: If you work with a company that makes a lot of business trips, you probably know how inconvenient it could be, not to talk about the health risks involved with frequent and incessant traveling. However, if life gives you lemons, you definitely have to make lemonades so you could take advantage of the travel opportunities to make semi vacations out of them. Now, this does not mean you’d have to ditch work but we’re saying that there are ways to make a business trip more bearable and even have fun in the process.

Business Travel Hacks: Do Some Research

Business trips are mostly out of the blue and unplanned but at other times they may be pre-planned for weeks or months so this would give you an opportunity to really reflect the town and area you are traveling to especially if it’s your first time. You don’t want to be one of those people who only see the insides of the office all through their trip. You’d probably have limited time and a lot of work to do but researching prior to the trip will give you an idea of the areas and places that are easily reachable considering where you’ll stay.

Business Travel Hacks: Avoid Airport Hotels

Airport hotels are very efficient and comfortable for anyone who travels a lot but it has quite a lot of disadvantages. For one, these hotels are set in areas with limited interesting spots and this could be very inhibiting. So try as much as possible to use a travel guide to book hotels in areas that are easy to explore. It should have choice restaurants and cafes and parks close by so you don’t have to stress much. This would make the trip a lot more fun.

Business Travel Hacks: Get Out More

So you need to find time to get out of your hotel room no matter how brief. You don’t need to ditch work for fun but you could incorporate fun into your work. Don’t work out in the hotel gym rather go out for a run, this will increase your chances of meeting the locals and getting to know the environment better. When working individually, try not to stay in your room, go to a Café or a park so you get to have a feel of the area, this way you won’t feel left out.

Business Travel Hacks: Go for a Tour

A lot of times, you’d have some time to spare during your business trip so you could incorporate a tour of the area. So you could get on a bus and learn more about the town, go to the museum or take a walk in the park. Better still, explore the foods peculiar to the area and get a feel of all the nearby restaurants. You could even use some of the locals in the area to get a good tour.

Business Travel Hacks: Look out for nearby cities

Most times, business trips will take you to some places that have really interesting cities nearby. So on your leisure days, you could rent a car and drive into those cities or you could even plan your return trip through those cities to get a better hang of the place.

Take family with you

Some companies don’t really mind if you take family or friends with you on business trips as long as they do not interfere with your work time. Or you could have them fly to meet you for the weekend. This way, you get to have time away with loved ones.

Let’s look at some packing hacks suitable for business travelers.

  • Avoid different colors. Pack more of black and nude colors that could go with everything. Black t-shirts and jeans would do.
  • Use luggage with rollers so you can save your back the stress when walking through the vast airport.
  • Charge all your batteries to 100 percent before leaving the airport just in case you do not have access to in-flight chargers.
  • Once in a while remove everything from your travel bag and check for the things you never get to use when you travel. This way you could ditch them and save more space.
  • Do not ever check your bags. Apart from the fact that it is time-consuming, you run the risk of losing your bag in transit. So use a carry on that way you could go straight for a taxi once you land and not wait for your luggage.

Another way to make your trip a lot easier is to download some business travel apps, the ones that can save you time and money when you’re in a different town.


This is a travel app that manages and updates your travel experience and progress. This could even help you find alternative flights when in a fix.

Airline Apps

Try to download your airline app so you can get access to your boarding pass and gate.

Ride Apps

So whether it is Uber or Lyft, download apps that that can get you to wherever you need to go in cities you do not really know. Some cities have only one of these ride services so just make sure to register on them before your trip.

Car Rental Apps

Get a car rental app to save you from registering over the counter when you get to the agency.

Restaurant Apps

So you could also download apps like TripAdvisor or OpenTable so you get a good knowledge of the best restaurants around that you could explore. That way you could have the luxury of good food around the clock.

With the hassle that business trips can put you through, the lack of healthy eating, the constant change in time zones and the toll it takes on you, some of these trips are better avoided especially with the invent of Skype and virtual meeting apps. However, when it is absolutely pertinent to make the trips, ensure you plan well and use these hacks to make it more fun.

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