Are Facebook Ads Effective?


Are Facebook ads effective?


Facebook ads are very effective for nearly every type of business as long as you have clearly defined goals and someone to manage the ads who knows how to get the best return on your investment.

Before you start advertising with Facebook / Instagram, you or your marketing agency will need to determine the goals and how to define success.

We do not advise companies to advertise on Facebook if you do not have a clear path to success. Without goals, you’re likely to blow your marketing budget without a return on your investment. We recommend you answer these questions to ensure your Facebook ads are effective:


What products or services do I want to offer?

Do not advertise everything in the beginning. Focus your Facebook ads spend on what your company does best. We recommend starting with your top three products or services when you begin advertising on Facebook.


Who is your audience for Facebook Ads?

First, understand that most American adults are on Facebook at least once a day. Unless you have a product or service that appeals to everyone, you can save a fortune by honing in your ad campaigns to your perfect target market.

Understand your ideal audience. Focus on winning that audience with your ads and then expand to secondary audiences.


What kind of return on investment are you trying to get from Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are most effective when there is a clear target for a return on investment. How much are you willing to pay to acquire a new customer? What are your profit margins? What is the lifetime value of your average customer?


What kind of images or videos will be used?

Highly effective Facebook ads require continuous tweaking on the ideal imagery and videos that convey your message. High quality content (images/videos) will slash your costs and give you the best return on investment.


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