A Guide to Email Marketing

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Winning at Email Marketing

Email Marketing is alive and well. Checking your emails is an important part of everyone’s daily routine from professionals to teenagers. This makes emails a great way to communicate with your customers. Here are some guidelines to the kinds of emails you can send and the kind of content to use to reach your subscribers. 


There are three main email types you can send-


Promotional: Promotional Emails are the most straightforward form of marketing. They advertise new products, sales and discounts. You’re sending your Email marketing material straight to their inbox. It’s a great way to keep your subscribers excited about your products. 


Relational: Relational Emails build the relationship between you and your subscribers. What that will entail depends on your brand. It may be a newsletter with the latest updates about your company or industry. Maybe it’s educational information. Or it could be a free gift or discount available only to subscribers. No matter what it is, this form of Email Marketing should build the relationship between you and your subscribers. 


Transactional: These emails result directly from actions your subscriber took. Order confirmations and welcome emails are the two most common transactional emails. These emails are how you do business with your subscribers. 


What kind of content should you put in your Email Marketing? 


Personalized: Make sure your emails are personalized and address your subscriber by name.


Educational: Subscribers like to learn. Informative and engaging emails are more likely to be read. 


Personal Stories: These are great for building a relationship with your subscribers.They like to feel like they’re doing business with real humans so stories about why the product was created, how it improves your life specifically, or simply fun, personable anecdotes increase readers’ engagement with your emails. 


Something of Value: Make sure there is something of value to your subscribers in your email. Something funny. Something informative. Something inspiring. Something that will make your subscribers interested in reading your emails. Making sure your content brings value to your customers’ lives is the most important part of online marketing. If you provide nothing of value, they won’t be interested in your content. Value is what keeps consumers coming back. 

A Poll, Gif or Video: Visually interesting, humorous or engaging content keep subscribers interacting with your content. It makes them more likely to stop and read your content by piquing their interest. 


Call to Action: It is important that your emails end with Calls to Action. Something that encourages the subscriber to do something. Like check out something on the website, order a gift, or claim a free prize. These keep your subscribers from becoming passive readers and encourage them to interact with your website, making them more engaged in your brand. Brand engagement is why you’re emailing subscribers in the first place, so Calls to Action are important. 


I hope this guide to Email Marketing and the kinds of emails and email content that you should be sending your subscribers has been informative and engaging and added value to your life. Check out the KARMA Jack website for more information on how to take your brand’s online presence to the next level!

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